1. Light Sport Aircraft (LSAs) (LSL):

Legend Aviation operates under the Part 61 standard of the General Civil Aviation Authority (GACA) system, and our licensed trainers from the GACA train for aviation students until the end of the training program:

a. Education on Legend 540 and 600 AEROPILOT Ltd.

B. Education on gyroscopes.


2. LSL mechanic:

We do hold annual courses by certified Rotax engine and LSA instructors to help the pilot to perform their own aircraft maintenance, or specialized courses to maintain other aircraft.

a. Rotax courses.

b. Initial maintenance courses.

c. Other courses for light sport flying.


3.Basic Pilot Radio Communication:

This 5 days course help the pilots to learn the Radio communication between 2 pilots or between pilots and towers, read airport and weather charts.





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